Expansion of the Patillas Urban Water Filtration Plant

Upgraded the 6 MGD Patillas Urban Filtration Plant

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Project Details

  • Started on: April 2007
  • Completed on: September 2011
  • Contract Worth: $16,845,461
  • Location: Patillas, Puerto Rico

This project involved upgrading the 6 MGD Patillas Urban Filtration Plant including furnishing and installation. Other items in the project included providing a separate membrane basin, enlargement of the raw water pump station, 24” DI pipe, aerator, oxidation tank, pump station, equalization tank, gravity thickener, sludge holding tank, electrical improvement including 1,500 KW emergency generator, etc.; all in accordance to the Construction Drawings and specifications prepared by the PRASA. This project improved the water supply service to the municipalities of Patillas, Guayama, Arroyo and Salinas.

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